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Cidco iPhone & Carrying Case
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Genuine leather cell phone holder
V-Tech 2.4 Ghz cordless phone with Machine
Roadster Cell phone hands-free kit

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Genuine Leather Cell Phone Holder:

Our luxurious brown & black Italian leather case is a durable and stylish way to carry your phone. Never again will you have that hunk of ringing electronics bulging from your pocket or buried at the bottom of your purse. Besides being uncomfortable, how many calls have you missed because the ringer was muffled by your pants pocket? How many calls have you missed because you couldn’t dig your phone out of your purse fast enough? Too many we’re sure. Now you have the convenience of a case with the high style and durability of fine Italian leather.

Clasp on back makes it easy to attach onto any belt, pocket opening, purse strap or laptop strap. Interior side walls have been constructed with elastic allowing easy fit for phones of nearly any width. Chromed stainless steel magnetic clasp makes case secure while allowing for quick access to your phone. Choose from 3 different sizes to fit any length phone. Medium size case fits most standard size phones. Now you’ll never hurt your backside by sitting on your phone and you’ll never miss a ring. Also available in Black.

Price: $21.95


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