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AA World Trade Marketing, Inc.  Export/Import, Distributor, Financial Service Provider, started in 1988 with a commitment to be your Global Market Place, for reliable Wholesale and Retail merchandise, quality Service and  guarantee shipping.
We are proud to sponsor Big Planet, Pharmanex, NU Skin, Nourish the Children Solution, and the Big planet Mall. The future of our Company brings a renewed business opportunity to participate in Global Technology trends that will change all of our lives in ways we may have never imagined.
AA World Trade Marketing, Inc. will help you build your own online eCommerce web based business, we have the tools to make you more productive, empower you to achieve your dreams by delivering products and services that will help you take control of your life and allow you to live better longer.                                  
Sales and Service the lifeblood of our business. Building and maintaining steady sales is vital to our success. AAWTM business tools are an effective way to generate new sales and ensure that we receive credit from all of our customers for purchases. As our sales increase, we will know we are on our way of becoming a successful Business and achieve  personal and financial freedom for all of our associates.

See our Complete Affiliate List of wholesale and retail merchandise from over 150 associated companies linked directly to our distributor web sites:

Our Mission
AAworldtrade.com "Your Global Market Place" Offers its approximately 4 million customers over 500, 000 products and services worldwide in a manner which best serves our customers and clients with due regards to proper Business practices, regulatory requirements, and product reliability where our products and services are used. All of our wholesale and retail  merchandise  are available for shipment within 24 hours. AAworldtrade.com policies are designed to conform to the Unites States and International Trade Regulations.

We invite you to learn more about AAWTM Products and Services today.


Maurice Smith

President, AAWTM



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